The Cat

A.O Scenario 0100 They know my name and about this blog/experiment. I start in the second floor of a brightly lit and pleasantly decorated home. There’s a group of people on one side of the large room we are in talking. I am sitting in a wooden chair near a bookcase. A small kitten, walks […]

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A.O Scenario 0099 The scenario plays out in a massive shopping mall. I am with an armed group of shoppers who have been cornered in a department store by an armed insurgence. The goal is to reach the parking garage and escape. My group is fortunate enough to be stuck in a large sporting goods […]

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A New City

A.O. Scenario 97 The alien observers try something dynamically different to get me to comply. In this dream I’m set up in a new city, with a new home and no friends. I wander into a dive bare looking to meet some locals. The bar has a strange 3 room setup with each room having […]

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The Truck

AO Scenario 0095 In this scenario the Alien observers task me with filling a truck with objects I find valuable. Being a furniture snob I chose mostly antique side tables, chests and chairs. Throw in some old video games and some 80’s action figures and that’s about it. Not sure what the purpose was but […]

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Aliens and Dating

AO Scenario File This experiment of the strangers in my dreams being aliens putting me through tests has created some pretty interesting scenarios. One thing these observers continually try to do is put me in a relationship. First it was an ideal partner I dub the companion. Intent on getting my deepest personal ideas and […]

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Kill or Be Killed

AO Scenario- 0092 Back to basics. This dream was presented like the straight forward test scenarios of old. I was sitting in the living room of a kitschy American cabin. A young lady came into the room with a box cutter and rushed at me. I knocked the chair I was sitting in over as […]

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Alien Prejudice

What scares me? AO Scenario 0090. In this dream I was introduced to a wide variety of monsters and aliens. Some were presented to me in person while others were shown to me on a wall mounted display and finally some form of illustrated text. This was another repetitive and restless test that went on […]

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