Aliens and Dating

AO Scenario File This experiment of the strangers in my dreams being aliens putting me through tests has created some pretty interesting scenarios. One thing these observers continually try to do is put me in a relationship. First it was an ideal partner I dub the companion. Intent on getting my deepest personal ideas and […]

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Kill or Be Killed

AO Scenario- 0092 Back to basics. This dream was presented like the straight forward test scenarios of old. I was sitting in the living room of a kitschy American cabin. A young lady came into the room with a box cutter and rushed at me. I knocked the chair I was sitting in over as […]

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Playing Dress Up

AO Scenario: 0086 In this nauseating scenario I was tasked with dressing the alien observers and deciding on the personal belongings they would use while impersonating people in our dreams. They were presented to me in pairs. I have no clue what their roles were meant to be. Sisters, brothers, couples? Could be anything. Maybe […]

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