The Cat

A.O Scenario 0100

They know my name and about this blog/experiment.

I start in the second floor of a brightly lit and pleasantly decorated home. There’s a group of people on one side of the large room we are in talking. I am sitting in a wooden chair near a bookcase.

A small kitten, walks up to me dressed in a sweatshirt. It is adorable and it speaks to me. It tells me things aren’t looking too good in the future. We walk over to a daybed near a window. I sit down and look out but there is nothing but light.

I hear the group on the other side of the room say my name. This is the first time this has happened in a scenario despite the aliens constantly fishing for information. I tell the cat that I heard them.

The cat explains that everyone knows who I am thanks to the work I’ve been doing. He’s referring to this blog. At this point I’m feeling kind of nervous and I try to pet the cat. It shakes me off.

I look around the room and realize that they are changing the rules on me. This isn’t a game. Everything about the environment is warm and comforting. The cat is adorable and the group of people happy and non-threatening.

I woke up a bit worried. I do not believe the scenarios are real. They are dreams that I have applied a condition too. That said, I’m reminded of the very first dream when the man in the casino told me that the strangers in my dreams are aliens teasing me.

Imagine if it were all true? They know my name and that I’m logging in and sharing every scenario.

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