Aliens and Sex

A.O. Scenario 96

The test started with two young women staying in my guest room. One of them was a long time friend of mine named Elisabeth, the other a close friend of hers I hadn’t met.

That night as I was sleeping, Elisabeth snuck into my room for a little adult wrestling. This went on for some time until frankly I was bored. Honestly the alien observer playing the role of Elisabeth didn’t seem to know exactly what to do or how to do it making the whole event more tedious than it needed to be.

After she had left I spent a few moments wondering what the bribe was for. Usually the aliens only offer sex in dreams for informations or as a means of control.

My question was answered when Elisabeth’s friend walked into my room. I assumed she was there for sex too as it wasn’t uncommon for the observers to pile it on when they really wanted my obedience. Instead however she just stood next to my bead and started asking me questions

I decided just to mess with her instead. I told her it wasn’t normal to ask strangers questions in the middle of the night and that she should put a shirt on if all she wants to do is talk. She seemed confused. Eventually I just rolled over to sleep.

Overall it was an interesting play on the observers part. I rarely say no to sex in my dreams (not that I’m alway in control) but this wasn’t much fun. The Elisabeth character was well thought out though. She really did seem like an old friend even though they made her up. I wish they had put in the time with the second woman. She was kind of a blank slate.

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