The Party

AO Scenario- 0094

The scene of the scenario is a magnificent white marble ballroom and manor. I was set to be the host of a grand party and at first I did spend some time introducing myself and meeting some people. This got a bit boring so I decided to go exploring the manor.

I found two young women trying to interact with a stereo system. They ended up sending me on a fetch quest to find some blank CDs. I used it as an opportunity to crash the scenario.

I scrambled outside to find a valet parking cars. I thought it’ be fun to steal one and decided on what can only be described as a cross between a Lamborghini and a go-cart. As I was trying to speed away, I was joined by an observer wearing the disguise of a young man in a nice suit.

After speeding around the city for a while and having the observer beg me over and over to return to the party, I decided suicide was best. The simulation provided me with many scary situation designed to motivate me back to hosting the party but none would let me actually get hurt.

It wasn’t until I found a subway to drive down onto that the scenario finally crashed and fell apart into the fractal universe.

Anyway, I’m sure there was a lot of fun to be had if I had stayed in the boundaries of the scenario but sometime you just don’t want to host a party

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