The Mystery Woman

AO Scenario- 0093

If you follow the narrative of this blog, that aliens interact with us in our dreams, then this particular dream might be of interest.

It started with a call from an old friend. He wanted me to come by his house and talk about a young blond woman I had dated several years prior. I told him I couldn’t remember but would gladly stop by and catch up.

Before leaving my house (a grey empty void) I called my mother and asked about the woman. She told me she remembers seeing me with somebody but I never talked about it and it seemed like we only briefly dated.

Later at my friends house, I found him looking through a old box of photos from when we all used to hang out and had a very large group of friends. He showed me a pic of me sitting in my old yellow Mazda, next to me a flash of bright yellow hair. Her face was obscured.

“That’s her, remember?” He asked. I did not. We tried to put a date on the photo by going through who I was seeing when I owned the car which was only about 2 years or so. This is where I feel like ‘they’ the aliens tricked me.

He would show me pictures and I would name where we were and who was there and what year it was approximately. We went through dozens of pics. He started asking some interesting questions about my personal love life from 20-25 years old.

Him- “do you remember when you hooked up with Amy*”

Me- “ I totally forgot about Amy, I barley knew her. Wasn’t she one of your brother’s friends”

Him- “Isn’t it amazing how many people we forget?”

Me- “more like I forget, I’m terrible with remembering people”

Him- “here is a stack of photos of every woman you have ever dated, maybe if we scroll through them we can figure out who this mysterious blond was”

Me- “ok but why is this important”

Him- “I was showing this pic to Carry* yesterday and she saw the car pic and asked about the girl. Says she remember hanging out with the two of you at a friends house but couldn’t remember the girls name”

At this point I was starting to have false memories of the blond. Is was also giving my old ‘friend’ a lot of personal information about real life people. He asked about every woman I had ever even considered dating.

I was reminded of how crass and careless I was about relationships and dating in my early 20’s. I had a big pool of friends and acquaintances and no desire to settle.

By the time we were done talking, he had acquired a phone book worth of names and an album full of faces my memories had provided. It was like having my FB friends list stolen.

The second thing he did was implant a non-existing woman into my subconscious. Even now, knowing it’s not real, I am still thinking maybe I did briefly see this person.

As far as Alien Observation Scenarios go, this was a big win for the aliens. The reason I was so easily manipulated? NyQuil. I have a cold and took the sleep meds. They made me more or less there for the ride, no control like I normally have. Did they know? Or did they get lucky? In a normal sleep, I never would have gone to see my friend and the scenario would have spiraled out of control.

I wonder how they intend to use the info? Will they reach out to the ghosts of my past or use their memories to manipulate me further? Time will tell.

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