A Seat at the Table

AO Scenario-0091

The dream took place in a vast black space expanding in all directions. There were several groups of four Mantid type aliens sitting around floating white tulip style tables.

I was seated at one of these tables with three blue skinned beings in white robes. Their anatomy was masked by their clothing but did not appear to be humanoid as their “heads” seemed to drip upwards from a round center mass. Their faces can only be described as white and black moving rings on blue flesh.

They asked me about pop culture and politics mostly. They seemed very interested in the idea that despite having elections our leaders are chosen and bought by a donor class. When asked about how we let that happen, I honestly couldn’t answer. They warned me that Oligarchies often lead to dictatorship as the populous breaks under cooperate control.

They asked me a lot about the alien craze of the 90’s. They wanted to push a familiarity of their appearance on the population but were “out bid” by the Mantids who dishonestly portrayed themselves as the humanoid GREYS. There seemed to be an agreement that other forms of intelligence should be made known to humans, one at a time and in a way that wouldn’t cause alarm. The idea was abandoned.

These blue aliens seemed really nice, almost sweet in a way. They reconfirmed that they along with the Mantids exist outside of our dimension. If somehow we saw one in our 3D universe, they wouldn’t look recognizable as anything more that a blur of light.

I asked them about the different aliens I have witnessed in the AO Scenarios. They told me that the tests were agreed upon by several species but left in the hands of the Mantids to operate. The Mantids were by nature addicted to data. Their obsession with information and learning often makes them seem cold.

When I asked about the Tribal God types, they said that they live closest to us dimensionally and have a strange parallel history with us and our dreams. They look at us as virtual pets, they can’t really interact with us but they can rub and tap the screen that divides us.

This was a very vivid experience and despite being interrupted by having to pee a few times, it always picked up where it left off.

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