Alien Prejudice

What scares me?

AO Scenario 0090.

In this dream I was introduced to a wide variety of monsters and aliens. Some were presented to me in person while others were shown to me on a wall mounted display and finally some form of illustrated text.

This was another repetitive and restless test that went on and on for some time. I was accompanied by two alien observers disguised as stereotypical scientists in white coats.

As I was introduced to the creatures presented, the observers took note of how I reacted to their physical appearances in person and not. They seemed to want to know what frightened me and what didn’t. Knowing I was in no direct harm made the test seem pointless.

There were some interesting aliens shown to me however. That said I doubt many or any of them represented real alien life. The Mantids and ancient Gods never made an appearance and what was shown to me seemed too cartoonish.

Anyway, if the inter dimensional aliens that haunt our dreams disguised as strangers really want to know how we react to others, they should just watch a movie or read a history book.

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