Tension Between Us

AO Scenario- 0087

This scenario featured The Companion character. Check out AO File- The Companion for more details.

The scene is a small mobile home. It’s typically represented as cluttered and dated but in this case it was modern and clean.

I walked in through the from door to find the Companion sitting on a living room sofa. She asked what I was doing there and seemed reasonably agitated by my presence. This is a part of the game.

Knowing already that the scenario would try to steer me into the direction of working things out with the Companion, leading to her getting information from me, I decided to throw a wrench in the whole thing early.

I walked into the kitchen and sat down at the counter. I pretended to write and told her I was only there to work and wouldn’t bother her. Predictively she got up and approached. She wanted to know if I had known she was going to be there.

I apologized, said I didn’t want to be a pest and walked out. She tried to stop me and said we could talk about thinks. Predictable.

The Observers try to use this Character to invoke a emotional response from time to time. The more they try this type of scenario, the less It works.

Check out AO Scenarios 0004 and 0067 for more scenarios involving the Companion

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