Post Apocalyptic

AO Scenario -0089

The scenario begins with me and another fellow gathering our stuff from one end of a subterranean, block sized basement, underneath a collapsed office building.

It looks like we have been living down there for quite a while but recent bombings have made one side unsafe. Even half of the space is a lot for just two people.

Unfortunately, when we get to the other half, we find someone has set up a small hospital in the one large room.

We confront them as they have taken our stuff and our space. They explain they have been there a few days and are hiding and helping victims from the street.

Me and my buddy decide to head beach and see if there are any safe places back on the other end but we find that our passage through has collapsed.

We are stuck with the interlopers. We decide to check the exit. A door leads to a half collapsed parking garage. You have to climb a ramp to get out but can easily see down into the structure from above.

There are soldiers patrolling the streets with flashlights. We decide to head in and work on a security system make entry a bit harder. With only one way in or out and a make shift hospital in our space we discuss our options.

My partner wants to kick the strangers out of the space and onto the street. He also debated whether to kill them. I convince him that we can use them and get half the pace to ourselves.

I tell the doctor our issue and that we want to set up rooms on the far end of the space. The beds he is using are ours already so we will take 2 of them back. We will let him stay as long as he helps find supplies and offers us medical treatment when needed.

He hesitates at first but is smart enough to see the danger in refusing.

This was an interesting scenario. I think the test was to see how I would react to suddenly have to deal with having my space invaded and belongings taken. Knowing this was a dream, I could have easily indulged in a more violent solution.

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