AO File- Roadmap of My Dreams

Ever find that you dream about the same places or the same roads throughout your life? Most of my recurring dreams fit along the same stretch of road or one or two branching roads. It wasn’t until last night that I realized that a few if not all of the AO Scenario dreams also happen on or near these roads.

There is one main road the runs East to West. Though unnamed, let’s call it RT-1. These are the locations, from east to west that run along RT-1:

1- Park Ranger Station. Furthest to the east, passed many wooded neighborhoods is a national park. There are cliffs here with rope bridges that lead to an old wooden ranger station.

2- Country Store. West of the wooded neighborhoods, outside the wooded section of RT-1 there is an old house in a dusty lot. The house is used as a store. The contents and layout of the store change from dream to dream.

3- RT-2 an exit I always miss!

4- Mannor. A large house with secret passages and rooms that make no sense.

5- Middle School. A large school in a middle class area. Family homes litter the streets on the other side of the road.

6- RT-3 an exit I always take by accident.

7- Main Street. Turning left onto Main and you will find rows of shops and hotels. I get lost a lot trying to find this place. The other end of the street leads to a neighborhood on RT-3

8- The Strip. Just a commercial area full of big stores and restaurants. The only place to get gas in my dreams.

RT-2 branches north of RT1 and hides some of the more mysterious places.

1- Thrift Store. Nothing special

2- The Overpass. What a nightmare. Take the wrong exit and you will find yourself driving off a dead end into a lake.

3- Grandma’s House. Forget the house, there’s a giant tree house in the yard, a hidden complex in the pines and lots of mysteries to be found in the woods behind the house

4- Baltimore. Nothing like the real Baltimore. East side faces the ocean and is accessed by a terrifying bridge. The west Side is full of row-homes and parks.

RT-3 is just a large loop featuring a high school, casino and a mall. I usual just drive through it.

One day when I write books about my crazy dreams I will have to give this place a name. Interesting to think a lot of my dreams are connected by a roadway. Now the question is, did the Alien Observers steal this map for their tests or have they been the architects of my dreams for most of my life? The logical answer is that they are just dreams.

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