AO Scenario-0085

Last night, for the first time in months, I was visited by the observers.

The scenario began in an old European town where two sisters enlisted me to solve a local mystery. They handed me a paper with a series of symbols. The first being a step pyramid, followed by a 2D brick triangle. The triangle was labeled with a #1 at the bottom and a #2 at the top.

I rode around town on a bicycle, enjoying the old stone homes and roads. I came across a large stone stair leading down to a forgotten garden. I rode down to the bottom and found the brick triangle from the drawing. It was the face of the left guardrail on the stairs.

I kicked the bottom brick and sure enough it released a stone button at the top. I pressed it and it gave a mechanical click. The loud sound of a gate rolling open was coming from the right of the stairs.

I pushed through some over grown bush and managed to make my way through the massive gate. Inside was too dark to see. It just seemed like infinite blackness.

The two sisters from the start of the scenario came by to show me around. They used their phones as flashlights to light their way to a lever that powered the overhead lamps. This revealed a massive underground warehouse.

The entrance where I was standing sat before a huge parking pad. The only vehicle left was an old covered army truck. It looked as if the rest of the cars and trucks had been stolen over the years.

To my right was a staircase leading up. It seemed to follow the stone stairs above as the roof was angular like a pyramid. Ahead of me were some faint lights and the two sisters who were now waving me over.

I crossed the parking pad and met with the two girls. The showed my a series of sealed doors and how to operated them. There’s were several climate controlled rooms here. The girls ran off and left me to explore.

Inside the rooms were drawers and boxes of stuff. Each labeled with a letter and number designation. Without a list or cypher it was impossible to guess what each container held. I pulled a few wooden drawers open to find them filled with buttons. Another row housed countless cabinet knobs.

Outside of these rooms to the right were racks of fabrics and rolls of plastics. A hall to the left led to a back room full of furniture in piles. I recognized some as being historically significant. Fiberglass shell chairs and colorful Womb chairs to name a few.

I went back out to the parking pad and made my way up the stairs to the second floor. I found rooms full of rugs and blankets of different variety.

In a large room at the back of the 2nd floor I discovered massive hanging paintings and rooms full of sculptures and tapestries. I found the sisters here and one of them told me some of the paintings were lOprah’s. The canvases where three stories high, minimalistic and industrial in aesthetic.

I spent a good few hours going through each room and drawers until my alarm woke me.

I can’t explain the purpose of the puzzle or the warehouse but It was strangely comforting to be observed and challenged again.

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