A New Narrative

Aliens, Simulation Theory and UFOs

I haven’t posted in quite a while. This isn’t because I haven’t been dreaming and experiencing the Alien Observation Scenarios. I needed to take a break and gather my thoughts because this little thought experiment can border on delusion and the dreams I have had lately have been pushing a rather convincing narrative.

I remain skeptical but that skepticism is tested when the “aliens” in my dreams predict events in the real world. The narrative that has been forming is one that concerns the destruction of our world by our own hands.

I have been led to “believe” that we are a part of an ancestor simulation designed to show exactly what went wrong before the Earth became uninhabitable. The people running the simulation are the alien intruders in my/our dreams. They are testing our reaction to different scenarios in order to understand why we did nothing to save our planet.

They told me to expect to see UFOs popping up in the media. This recently came true. In fact I saw one myself just this morning. I was told by my subconscious observers that they are us traveling back in time to see how or why things went to wrong.

So yeah, not only are we apart of a simulation that is being observed by the real future humans, future humans from the simulation are traveling back in time to watch us mess it all up.

The good news is that the simulation is still running into the far future. The bad news is we ruin our planet. Of course this is all just a story created from dreams I have under the condition that the strangers in my dreams are interdimensional aliens. So take it with all the salt in the world.

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