The Fractal World

AO Scenario- 0080

I wasn’t in the mood to be tested when I entered the scenario. I also didn’t feel like pretending that the interdimensional aliens observing me were anything but just that. This would make for a pretty aggressive battle between me and the observers.

The scenario started in a lab with 3 observers and myself in lab coats. One of the aliens handed me a folder and asked me to take it down the hall to another doctor. I said no and told them I wasn’t playing their game today. I said I knew they were aliens. This caused them to lose control of their forms, giving way to their giant black mantis eyes.

The fractal universe flashed around them. Out of anger and frustration they rebooted the scenario and once again offered me the folder. I threw it across the room and stormed out into the hallway. I looked back over my shoulder to see the three mantids in their true form staring at me.

I walked into a new room to find them there, disguised as doctors again, offering me the folder. This time I threw a desk at them. This must have offended them in some way because they decided to change course.

I found myself sitting in the familiar white waiting room. In front of me a reception desk with receptionist. She told me to sit tight until the doctors could see me. To my left was the cocktail party just like before (see AOS-0012 The Waiting Room). The ancient tribal gods were all still there.

After a while the receptionist said that the doctor would see me now. This is where things got crazy. I was blasted through a tunnel of white light that ended in a room full of fractal machines. Instead of the Mantis like aliens, there were these jester like figures. They were super interested in me being there.

I was approached by this entity that I can’t really describe but it told me that it was very happy that I could visit them without the necessary tools. It told me that dreams were a state that they could visit but it was unusual for humans to visit them without the aid of these tools. He didn’t tell me what tools.

He told me that the Mantis people were harmless observers that didn’t understand human emotion and that’s what the AOS were about. He said that my ability to break through to the fractal realm had gotten the attention of several multidimensional races including the Mantids, the Jesters, the Ancient Ones and many more. He assured me that no one could hurt me.

I was then taken on a tour of the universe that can’t be described into words. The longer I was there the less thing made sense to me.

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