The Mansion

AO Scenario- 0073

Getting lost was never so good. In this scenario I am left stranded on my own in an enormous mansion full of secret passages and rooms. The mansion that would be my maze or prison is one that I would gladly get lost in forever.

I start in a giant foyer with a grand staircase and stone fireplace. There are fine dark walnut furnishings everywhere and a massive stained glass window to the east side of the room. The glass depicts a robed woman holding a rabbit.

I am with two other men who tell me they are taking a tour of the mansion but not before showing me a secret door hidden under the stained glass. One of the men push the wall and it rotates to reveal a small ballroom. As I lean in to get a look the men abandon me.

I walk into the ballroom to discover a grand piano to my right and a raised dancefloor to my left. There is a stairwell wrapping up behind the dancefloor. The whole room is lit by a massive round window angled in such a way that it projects light on the backside of the stained glass from the foyer.

I walk up the stairs and across a tiny balcony above the stage. At the is a wall with a large model of a manor against the foyer wall. Upon closer inspection I find that the front door opens up and lets you pass through to the foyer stairs. I crawl through.

The foyer balcony is adorn with stately paintings of women in impressive dresses and powder wigs. to left is hallway. I pass many doors down the hall until I find one with a glass window. I look inside to see what appears to be a store.

Inside the store I find some clothing for sale which is odd but not as odd as what are displayed on the walls. Hanging here are massive bird wings. The largest stretching over 12 feet. They all have white sashes wrapped around them keeping their feathers bundled. The cheapest is selling for $359.99. I would love to have one displayed at my home.

The back left corner of the store has a concession window that opens up into a massive ballroom. I assume they would sell the clothing and wings to the visitors in the ballroom? Anyway, the ballroom is empty, has glossy black floors and the entire back wall is made of glass. The only light is sunlight. I don’t go in.

I make my way back to the hallway and continue down until in turns to the left. Following it I come across an impossible set of stairs. I will try my best to describe them. They are round barrel shaped and rotate on two axels set into the wall. Walking on them rotates them, while elevating you to the next floor.

I’m surprised to find myself on a massive hexagonal observation deck. In the center is a gazebo of sorts. There are four magic stairwells leading back down into the mansion. I notice many wasp nests under the roof of the gazebo and decide to head back down instead of examining the view of the place.

The stairs I choose lead into a room full of old junk. It mostly comprises of high end electronics from the 80’s. The two men from earlier are here trying to play an old video game console. It’s meant to be some overpriced relic with esoteric games. ultimately we get it to work and take turns playing a game involving driving a robotic tank. The two men abandon me again while I’m playing.

I wade through the piles of junk into a room with stacks and stacks of folded clothing. It’s the stuff from the store. Beyond this room is small factory with machinery designed for mass producing fabrics. What a strange addition to the mansion. Past all of the machinery, I can see daylight.

Now outside of the mansion, I get to see just how huge it is. Looking down it’s back side it appears to be a mismatch of several different buildings all shoved together. Off to my left is a wooden walkway leading to what has to be the most beautiful mid century home I’ve ever seen. I can see a man bathing in an indoor pool on the bottom floor. I decide not to intrude.

walking along the mansion I discover a very cool optical trick. There is a black door but as I approach it I discover its fake and tiny. There is a row of similar window running down the side. They look like they stretch several yards but once you get near them you find they are skewed and only take up a few feet. So neat.

I could go on and on about the different architectural wonders of the mansion but this post is already too long. I’ll conclude by saying that I never did find the other two gentlemen and I didn’t care. I could have explored that mansion for days and been happy doing it. Unfortunately, like all dreams we have to wake up

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