The Cliffs

AO Scenario- 0072

I found myself high upon a pillar of stone bathed in blue light, surrounded by thick white clouds. The Cliff was about 30ft in diameter with a wooden fence around it’s perimeter. The remains of an old wooden shed, half submerged in a pool of clear water sat in the center.

I walked around the edges of the cliff, protected by the wooden fence. I wondered where the wood came from. I was searching for a way down but all I found was another cliff buried in the dense fog. It was several feet away, too far to jump.

I set about ripping boards from the shed. The wood was grey and old, but sturdy. I placed a few across the gap between ledges and crawled across.

The second cliff was half the size of the first and missing the safety of the fence. I walked the perimeter all the same until once again discovering yet another ledge in the fog. I pulled my boards from earlier and relocated them in order to cross once again.

Like the first cliff the third was around 30ft in diameter and protected by an old fashioned wooden fence. Instead of a shed at it’s center there was a run down tractor. I looked it over but found nothing useful. I set off to find the next cliff.

Repeating my process from before, I was horrified to find myself on the original cliff. With the white thick clouds all around, there was no sense of direction or progress but I decided to draw a map in the soil and planned to mark my progress as I moved form cliff to cliff. Unfortunately I woke up to use the bathroom.

I fell back to sleep only to discover I was at the very start of the dream. This happened a few more times throughout the night leaving me frustrated and annoyed, wanting to explore and discover the end of the maze.

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